The emotional pain of MCS

In the silence of suffering, in the depths of despair,

Where the world spins by, oblivious and unaware.

Trapped in isolation, far from understanding's reach,

The burden of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, my soul it beseeches.

Society remains silent, turning a blind eye,

As I struggle within invisible chains, wondering why.

Every scent, every substance, my body rebels,

Isolation engulfs me, freezing me in its icy spells.

But I rise, despite the trembling in my soul,

Sharing my words with the world, making them whole.

I share my stories to give courage and strength,

Within the darkness of suffering, we seek laughter's strength.

On life's stage, we dance to the rhythm of emotion,

Our hearts drumming loudly, a symphony in unison.

MCS may consume us, but we strive towards light,

Through our words, we touch hearts, illuminating their sight.

May MCS not paralyze, but liberate our souls,

Through our poems, let love ultimately unfold.

In the silence of suffering, courage shall be found,

Sharing our stories, opening hearts all around.

Let society awaken, let perceptions transform,

As we challenge the norms, a new narrative is born.

For in awareness lies the power to heal,

To uplift, support, and break the barriers concealed.

A painting symbolizing the pain of MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity