Medical gaslighting

Heute möchte ich ein Gedicht mit euch teilen, das von einem Thema handelt, das mich persönlich immer noch sehr berührt in der Sprache meines Herzens.

Es geht um "Medical Gaslighting" und wie es Menschen mit MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) und ihren Partnern alleine lässt, wenn Ärzte keine Antworten mehr haben.

Medical Gaslighting

When doctors fail to grasp the truth in the air,

And hand out deadly diagnoses, stripping life bare,

The world becomes a cruel and lonely space,

Where family can't understand, stuck in a mental chase.

For what seems unreal, an illness they can't see,

Is rooted organically, causing agony.

Surrounded by people who hold no empathy,

A faintest scent takes away friendships, so carefree.

As chemistry outweighs character in this modern age,

Social ties are shattered, leaving hearts in a cage.

Once esteemed and respected, part of the social glue,

Illness snatches it all, leaving nothing but rue.

Work and home fall away, a life in disarray,

Many find themselves in tents, lost in forests' sway.

I was fortunate to keep my partner by my side,

But money and friends vanished, as we began to hide.

Years spent on the run, escaping society's gaze,

As it evaporates in every aspect, in countless ways.

And yet, through it all, love clung to us tight,

A flickering flame, hope's eternal light.

In a world that fails to understand or believe,

Love binds us together, despite what others perceive.

Though wounded and scarred, our souls forged anew,

For love, in its essence, remains steadfast and true.

So, let us stand together, through life's relentless storm,

While the world may fade, love keeps us warm.

For in the face of adversity, our spirits will rise,

Defying the odds, love's strength never dies.

How MCS-Multiple chemical sensibility feels

Photography by Roland Eichler