Environmental Consulting for Human-Centered Living in the 21st Century

You or your loved ones are already plagued by allergies and food intolerances? I will provide you with some ideas and alternatives to relieve the body. By giving you natural solutions for everyday life... along the way, you can also get rid of a lot of industrial waste.

Genetic predisposition is just one factor to consider

Who is at risk?

A major risk factor is undoubtedly genetic predisposition. If both parents have allergies, the risk of allergies in children is over 30%; if only one parent is affected, the risk is still 20%.

However, it's important to note that not everyone who is genetically predisposed will necessarily develop allergies.

Conversely, approximately 15% of children without a genetic predisposition still develop allergies.

The reason for this:

The development of allergic diseases is influenced not only by genetics but also by lifestyle and environment. Why are allergies increasing in children? The reasons are not officially clarified yet.

However, it is evident that allergies are also on the rise in developed countries with a high standard of living. This is largely attributed to excessive hygiene measures surrounding children and the frequent use of disinfectants.

It is worth considering that even small amounts of allergens can trigger allergic reactions such as rashes, diarrhea, or swelling in infants.

Now, think about the multitude of chemical compounds present in your makeup.

Every interaction with your child can also involve contact with your cosmetics.

The world of "natural products" is truly wild and confusing, but we can help you navigate through it with a few intensive conversations. Create a human-friendly environment for yourself and your loved ones starting tomorrow.

Julia Eder

Born in Germany in 1987, I grew up in the Namibian wilderness, outside of Windhoek.

As someone with environmental illness, it became my goal to become healthy and strong. After 12 years of research and numerous self-experiments, I was able to achieve this goal.

From complete isolation due to severe MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) and being bedridden with a disability card indicating 50% disability... back into life.

The key?


In this shop, you will find our accumulated knowledge from 12 years of research and experience on environmental illnesses:

  • MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
  • ME/CFS - Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Histamine intolerance
  • MCAS - Mast Cell Activation Syndrome
  • POTS - Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome

I am happy to provide preventive advice to parents in order to create a healthy and child-friendly environment.